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November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Do you think life is easy if you’re growing up in a divorced home, knowing that one of your parents lives right next door to you with someone new? Well, that is exactly what Reba Hart and her family go through in Houston, Texas in the show, Reba (weekdays on LIFETIME at 6-7 PM and 8-9 PM). Reba Hart (played by Reba McEntire) brings high-tense predicaments, smiles, and laughter. Reba is the most attracting show towards viewers because of the humorous roles of the characters, its mind-grabbing plot, and the intensified acting.

Singers, rappers, and musicians in general don’t usually have the gift of acting because the show doesn’t turn out the way it’s suppose to be. But don’t think that way for Reba McEntire, because she has extreme talent for acting in her little country-singing soul. Her depiction of Reba Hart plays a single-mother who assists and concerns her daughters Cheyenne (Joanna Garcia), Kyra (Scarlett Pomers), her young son Jake (Mitch Holleman), and her new son-in-law, Van Montgomery (Steve Howey), who is married to Cheyenne. In the ‘Pilot’ episode, secrets starts to unroll about her husband Brock (Christopher Rich) and his new girlfriend, Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman) as well as finding out the secret of Cheyenne and her pregnancy by Van. They realize they love each other and are capable of being good parents, and in that very ‘Pilot’ episode, they decide to get married. Though, more attention is viewed on Reba, and her soon to be ex-husband. She doesn’t know whether she’ll be able to survive the divorce, and of course, her husband’s encounter to move in with his new girlfriend, Barbra Jean, who is also pregnant.

The distinctive and exclusive plot provides a variety of situations with laughter, distress, and sympathy in this comedy. It becomes intriguing because you want to know the outcome of the conflict Reba and one of her family members is going through. In the episode, “Every Picture Tells a Story,” Reba discovers an old photo among Brock’s personal belongings and suspects he was cheating on her for a long time before they decided to separate. It keeps you interested because you want to find out the resolution of the conflict such as if Reba’s accusations were true or false about Brock.

McEntire is besieged by such an admirable group of actors, who act so realistic and beyond-skillful towards the roles they play. In “Meet the Parents,” Reba’s parents decide to come and visit her on their anniversary. Brock feels extremely awkward, and doesn’t feel right to go over and visit them. Christopher Rich plays excellent in this episode, by playing the guilty-not up to it kind of guy. Barbra Jean (Melissa Peterman) is the fun, but clumsy, cheesy, and obnoxious towards Reba. She’s also very religious, and has a huge faith in God. Cheyenne, played by Joanna Garcia takes the role of the gorgeous, pregnant, seventeen-year old cheerleader who also isn’t the most intelligent character. On the other hand, Van, who is played by Steve Howey, is known as the athletic, attractive, brainless football player. In the episode, “Don’t Know Much About History,” Van is under so much pressure to pass his history exam in order to continue playing football. His nervous-breakdown and stressed out role brings the viewers nothing but constant laughter. Scarlett Pomers, who plays Kyra, is known as the smarty-pants who always has something negative to say about the others in the family. Lastly, there is Jake, who is played by Mitch Holleman. Holleman takes the role of the innocent child, but doesn’t have a big role in the first season. All the actors are entertaining to watch, because they handle every situation they have differently. The script in the show is also a guide to the actors for them to act a particular way such as this quote:

“You treat that animal like it can walk on water!” –Reba

“What is dog spelled backwards, Reba?” –Barbra Jean

“GOD! It spells God!” –Van

Reba is a worth-watching show because of its amusing position of characters, the capturing plot in each episode, and the brilliant-accomplished acting involved. You’ll always be surprised what jokes the cast has for you, and what comes next! So, always be prepared, and watch the show.

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