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Us and Them by Pink Floyd

January 14, 2012
By angelicanXdreamer GOLD, Richmond, Other
angelicanXdreamer GOLD, Richmond, Other
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Pink floyd is a magnificent band with poetic words as beautiful as the backing music, their creations are all completely brilliant.
The song “Us and them” is a powerful piece Pink Floyd has a way of writing their music so it can be interpreted and truly enjoyed by everyone.
Instead of overanalyzing their lyrics we grow and breathe while listening to their amazing works of art and just soak it up and allow it to truly surround your world.
The song gives you this impression of how these differences in between me and you exist and “up and down” but in the end its only “round and round”.
In the end there is only one thing, and we all together as a whole exists regardless of anything. The way the songs rings in your ears makes you truly believe that we’re all together and anything else doesn’t truly differentiate one from the other, there is no point in any fighting, ever. This brilliant British band had this impact on me telling me that “black and blue... and who knows which is which and who is who?, we are all the same. We are all living, and that it is. The only thing that matters is that we’re all here, forever. People should know that sex, race, gender, age doesn’t change anything about who the person is inside. Who’s on what side of the war shouldn’t be a problem anymore, because their should not be a war, we should just all simply exist and love. Just like this beautiful song explains “Us, and them and after all were only ordinary men.”
Us and them: we are all the same.

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Inspiration: Pink Floyd

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