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That '70s Show

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

Have you ever seen a show so funny that you never want it to end? Well that 70’s show (on the CW channel 34 Mon- Fri at 6:30 and 7:00) is the definition of that. It’s about a group of teenagers who go threw their every day lives. The show takes place in Point Place, Wisconsin. That 70’s show is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time because of its great plots, believable characters and realistic themes.

That’s 70’s show has plots that you’ll fall in love with. The plots in the show are organized well and are very believable. The episodes are organized so well that you’ll never get bored. For example, in one episode Fezz and Kelso are competing for a girl one minute and the next they’re apologizing for fighting. In between all of that they are trying to find way to impress the girl and make the other look bad. The plots are believable because the characters are given choices when put in to specific situation. Unlike most sitcoms that just show what the character does That 70’s show actually shows the other things that the character can do. Like in one episode Donna decides to run away to California but before she does it the show actually shows her considering consequences of her running away.

The characters are also a major part that makes the show so awesome. With out the characters and the way they play off each other the show would be nothing. For example, the whole time during the show you can expect a fight weather it be between Kelso and Hide or Donna and Jackie no matter what you can expect a laugh from it. The characters are organized well also. The way the writers designed the group is just amazing because it’s not like a clique but it’s got a mixture off personalities that make the show believable. For example the writers have a geek, a dumb pretty boy, a “cool” guy, a preppy girl, a girl next door, and a foreigner. It’s just better than most shows that just have one personality type with the exact same type.

That 70’s show is a great show not only because of the comedy but also because of the themes. One theme that you’ll find in every episode is friends. Like in the episode when Fezz and Kelso compete over a girl the whole episode they fight until the end when they see that no girl is worth losing a friend over. Also when the story unfolds the characters are put through real life problems to learn their lesson (or theme.) Like in the episode when Donna decides to run away or in all the episodes Eric has to deal with his mom being an alcoholic. Every one goes through situations like these. That’s why the show and its themes are so believable.

Well what are you doing? Get off your butt and watch That 70’s show. You’ll never want it to end once you see the shows plots, how the characters play off each other, and the timeless themes. It’s the best show ever!

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