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The Crucible

October 19, 2007
By Anonymous

“The Crucible” is a great movie about the 1962 Salem, Massachusetts witch trials. Daniel Day-Lewis was amazing as his character, John Procter. Winona Ryder was also great in her role as Abigail Williams.

In “The Crucible” Procter and Williams had an affair. Procter would have nothing to do with the child (Abigail Williams), after his wife found out about the affair. Williams was devastated. Her and some other girls of Salem, made a love poison. Soon after this the hysteria began!

The girls started accusing people of witchcraft. They were now known as the afflicted girls. The afflicted girls began causing problems with there constant lies. More and more people were accused of witchcraft, and more and more people were hung!

At the end when John Procter tore up the confession of the affair, because he would rather die then lose his name, would by far be my favorite part of the whole movie. This was soooo powerful! You have got to see “The Crucible” because it is just so absolutely amazing!!!

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