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Night at the Museum

March 28, 2008
By Anonymous

Have you ever wondered about what really happens inside a museum once lights are turned out? Enter the Museum of Natural History after the doors close and watch everything come to life! Night at the Museum puts new meaning to “the museum comes to life” and allows comedy and adventure to surface to a whole new level.

Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) is a divorced, single parent who is unable to keep a job. As a last resort he applies for a job at the Museum of Natural history not only to earn a steady income but to earn his son’s respect and admiration. The fun in Night at the Museum begins once Larry accepts the museum’s offer as night guard.

As the doors close behind the last visitor and silence begins to settle, Larry finds himself captured in an unreal scenario. The exhibits actually come to life! From Theodore Roosevelt’s (Robin Williams) coming to life while riding a shining steed, to experiencing havoc due to a monkey’s mischievous mind, Larry barely makes it past his first night on the job. It is only with the help and guidance of Theodore Roosevelt that Larry is able to bite the bullet and live up to his title as night guard, whatever the expectations may be.

Night at the Museum is a must see family comedy which is conveniently suitable for all ages. With its award winning actors, and delightful comedic touch, Night at the Museum is destined to have you smiling throughout the duration of the movie. I love this movie for its sweet and good natured comedy as well as its sense of right and wrong. I highly recommend this movie for all including those with a sense of humor.

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