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'Nope' is a nope for me

September 14, 2023
By erin_k2009 BRONZE, Glenwood, Illinois
erin_k2009 BRONZE, Glenwood, Illinois
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Have you ever left a movie theater feeling conflicted

about what you just watched? No? Well, you obviously

haven’t seen the new movie "Nope." Jordan Peele directed

this movie. It is rated R and has a run time of 2 hours and

15 minutes . The movie stars Daniel Kaluuya as the main

character and the wonderful Keke Palmer as the female lead

. This 2022 movie is a neo-western sci-fi horror .But despite

having an amazing cast and the director of " Get Out" and

"Us," this film still manages to be the worst I’ve ever seen.

In the movie "Nope," it shows us a western 1998

setting where we follow two siblings, OJ and Emerald

Haywood . Emerald is a fun and entertaining woman, while

OJ is shy but outspoken when necessary .The siblings inherit a horse ranch after the inexplicable

death of their dad. They observe something intriguing in the sky, which they later learn is a UFO.

This UFO is swallowing people and spouting debris that nearly kills them. To help their horse

ranch, they attempted to take pictures of the incident.

Daniel Kaluuya is a very good actor and has experience playing in thriller movies, as he

has played in " Get Out" and "Black Panther." In the movie, he did a good job at portraying his character's autism and genuinely connecting to his character. Until he took a turn for the worse,
going from shy, introverted, and outspoken to a hero who leads his group to success without any
visible growth . Which makes his character challenging for the audience to relate to. I love Keke
Palmer's humor and energy in the movie, but it gets to a point where she is too animated, which
makes her character annoying . Overall, the actors gave good performances, and I give them a lot
of credit for working with what little they had .
The worst thing you can do is make a movie boring, and this was by far the most boring
movie I've ever seen. It has many scenes that are dragged out not to create suspense, as there was
very little, but simply to add screen time . That makes the two hours feel like four. There are
many storylines that end as quickly as they begin, with no answers and seemingly no point .
Even when you get to the main plot , you wonder, "Is this it?" Too much time was spent
developing backgrounds that are minor to the plot, and by the time the climax arrives, it feels
underwhelming and disconnected. The movie does not know what genre it wants to be. It is
advertised as horror and suspense, and it is far from that . It is just a typical alien invasion with
some semi-scares in between . Jordan Peele tried to make the movie really symbolic, which
made him blind to the idea that movies are supposed to be entertaining to watch, which this
movie is not. The trailer for the movie has you expecting cool and exciting stuff to happen, but it
doesn't, which is really disappointing . Even though this film has a lot of flaws, there are certain
features I can appreciate, such as the fantastic soundtrack, cinematography, and scenery. The
lesson I think Jordan Peele was attempting to demonstrate was the dangers of entertainment,
which becomes lost on the audience halfway through the movie by adding other confusing
elements . The movie has some good ideas and a good concept that makes me upset that it wasn’t properly carried out.

Although I wouldn't recommend wasting your time or money on it, this film is great for falling

asleep to or making you laugh at how awful it is. This movie is not for you if you are a true

suspense and horror fan. If you ask me if you should watch it or not, I'd say "Nope." I rate this

film just one star out of five. 

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Movie reveiw of Nope. 

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