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Bohemian Rhapsody- Just a Movie or a Queen

January 14, 2022
By Sadie_M BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
Sadie_M BRONZE, Durham, New Hampshire
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Bohemian Rhapsody is the Queen of all movies. This show stopping movie makes you feel connected to the characters, as well as the music they produce. This rollercoaster journey of a movie toys with your emotions while telling the iconic story of Queen's lead singer, Freddie Mercury.

Although Rami Malek (acting as: Freddie Mercury) doesn’t use his real singing voice in the movie, the astronomical acting skills that were displayed by him were exquisite. He completely recreated the magic and the love of Freddie Mercury, right down the iconic mustache.

This movie is well loved by others. It won four Oscars, as well as forty-seven winnings and eighty nominations at other award shows. While this movie shows the downside of Freddie’s fame, it also shows the importance of friends and finding who you are.

The casting director as well the director’s approach to the movie shows an extreme amount of dedication to detail from finding actors that look almost identical to Brian May and John Deacon to the unique camera angles. All of the components just fit like puzzle pieces showing how a real iconic movie is made. Although Freddie Mercury had a dark time in his career this movie definitely “sugar coats” the experiences he endured.

I’m not the only one who like this movie. “Hitchcoc” on IMDB “Excellent performance, Giving us a picture of a great talent. It's awfully hard to divorce yourself from the incredible talent of Freddie Mercury.” “Sleepin_Dragon” gave 10/10 stars on IMDB and said “Perfection. I was glued.” “classicsoncall” on IMDB said “Definitely a movie to watch for music fans, even if Freddie Mercury and Queen's era passed you by.”

This should definitely be on your to watch list. This is your chance to watch the recreated magic of Freddie Mercury and the story of Queen.

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Even I love the Bohemian Rhapsody!!! And I like the review!!!☆☆☆