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Avengers: Endgame Review

May 2, 2019
By G-J-Samuel GOLD, Tirana, Other
G-J-Samuel GOLD, Tirana, Other
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Following the infamous Thanos snap which wiped out half of the universe’s life, Avengers: Endgame brings together the surviving Avengers to find a way to revive “The Vanished Ones” as they go through a challenging adventure of regaining the stones and undoing what Thanos did. Last year, the movie Avengers: Infinity War left the cinematic audiences and MCU fans in awe, desperately wanting to know what would happen next in the menacing battles between the Avengers and the evil in the universe (this time, Thanos). Gaining buzzing press and popularity throughout the world, Avengers: Infinity War became the fourth biggest grossing hit of all time with thousands of positive feedback, reviews and dozens of awards. This movie led us to Avengers: Endgame (lasting around 3 hours) which takes the audience through an emotional rollercoaster, some parts being filled with laughter and jokes while others leaving the audience in tears. In this movie, the action (with its overdramatic music and flashing images) and the emotions, make these three hours feel like nothing but an experience which you will remember.

With half of the universe gone, The Avengers try to come up with some sort of plan which will make them regain the stones while somehow reviving everyone and defeating Thanos. However, 5 years later, Scott Lang (played by Paul Rudd) escapes from the quantum realm. When Scott remained in the realm, the previous five years were actually five hours. He informs the other Avengers of this and how it could possibly be the solution. Using this information and idea, the Avengers try time traveling and put their full effort into regaining the six infinity stones (space, reality, power, mind, time and soul).

This movie puts together a lot of different jokes which feel natural and not cheesy or forced, giving a lighter mood to some parts of the movie. This movie also gives out a message which shows the audience the importance of friendship and family. Some messages and themes include resilience and never giving up, while other themes revolve around unification and how we should all work as one toward an issue.

However, there still were a few issues with the movie. Some people felt confused with the plot and agreed that it was a bit messy since they were left puzzled at times. One issue which I associated with this film, was that there were a few scenes which felt unnecessarily exaggerated. Whether it was the cheesy yet classic “I-will-save-the-world” dialogue or just the overdramatic music, there were scenes when the movie’s enhancement made it seem unrealistic. Nonetheless, some of these features in a movie can attract and engage people more, however I personally didn’t cherish it as much.

Overall, Avengers: Endgame is a great cinematic achievement, keeping its audience engaged throughout its emotional rollercoaster and adventurous events. Regardless of its long length, this piece of work never makes the audience bored, instead it gives an astounding experience filled with positive and significant themes which the viewer will never forget. This 22nd MCU movie seems like the fulfilling yet “sad-it’s-over” ending to the Avengers series.

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