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November 18, 2018
By cooper_dinnis BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
cooper_dinnis BRONZE, Brisbane, Other
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At first glimpse I believed avatar was just your run of the mill science fiction film but boy there was more to it. Avatar was released in 2009, directed, written, co-produced and edited by James Cameron. It has been known that under all fictional creations much like science fiction there are underlying messages, Avatar is no different. Avatar centralizing very early on the theme of connection and how everything and everyone is connected somehow. This film also focuses on not taking things for granted and how sometimes the humans are the Aliens.

The film is set in Pandora, a moon planet that is home to all bio-diversity including the natural inhabitants, the Navi'. The plot focuses around the disabled protagonist, Jake Sully who is played by Sam Worthington. Early on Jake arrives on Pandora where he is recruited to the science department to try out the Avatar, which is a sub-species of Human and Navi'. In this Avatar the science department goes out into Pandora where Jake is in pursuit of some of the planet's natural inhabitants. It is in this scene that he then falls into a ravine to then hours later wash up on the shore. This is the first glimpse we have of the Navi' where we meet Neytiri, a bold heroine played by Zoe Saldana. This is where the two main protagonist meet and Neytiri brings Jake back to the clan. After some time Neytiri is ordered by her Father, the clan leader to teach Jake the ways of the Navi'. This shows us our first tease of connection when the queue, a lifeform that is attached to the end of the Navi's hair connects with the tree of souls, a tree that allows the Navi' to connect to their 'ancestors' so to speak.


Cameron made some bold choices that really highlight the theme of connection. This includes how he reinvented camera techniques and how you should film a sci-fi film. Not only has he do it for this one he also is shooting the sequels underwater and in 3D. Cameron also constructed the Navi' and all the bio-diversity. He highlights that just because you have all the guns and the weaponry does not mean that you have the upper hand and have the right to assume your power over somebody else or in this case the Humans did this to the Navi'.


This theme is important in people's lives today as it highlights and shows that you are not always right to assume power over others and how the environment is important and we rely on it for our survival. You are not always going to win battles and even if you do you can still suffer loses like World War 1 and 2. Cameron does an effective job in reminding us all, no matter our age of the importance of equality. Not only this he also highlights and introduces a unique new perspective on how humans can be aliens.

Overall Avatar is an amazing film that takes Science fiction films from boring alien invasions to a whole new planet. This film is out of this world! Not only does Cameron have an impressive background with movies under his belt like Titanic and Terminator he continuously invents new ideas and perspective that makes his films really enjoyable and good to watch. All around this film is impressive and sets high standards for the sequels coming in 2020.

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