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A Mother's Reckoning by Sue Klebold

May 11, 2018
By Overlord-of-Oblivion BRONZE, Dalton, Georgia
Overlord-of-Oblivion BRONZE, Dalton, Georgia
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Honestly, this book deserves 4.5 out of 5 stars because Sue Klebold's grief for her son (who happened to be one of the perpetrators in the Columbine massacre), the victims he killed, and the people overwhelmed by this tragedy is authentic and somehow infiltrated the stony walls of of my heart. Throughout this book, she expressed her love for him and much regret for not helping her son more. Despite that she raised Dylan to have morals and a long meaningful life, he bottled up his negative emotions, never bothered to consider his family and friends who cared about him, and committed an atrocity his loved ones have to live with. However, the book is not only about her contradictory feelings for her son; it tells about her journey of her recovery from disillusionment and anguish as well as her endeavors. After she realized the pain and anger Dylan endured prior to his suicide, Sue Klebold promoted brain health awareness because she intends to assuage and possibly save lives like Dylan's even though she could not save him at that point. She is right in saying that it's not the perpetrators' motives that people need to focus on. Learning why mass murders are prevalent in today's time is useful for fathoming flaws in contemporary society, but solving those issues require ways to change aspects of government, culture, etc., and even the solutions pose another set of problems to work on. Focusing specifically on how others can help a child before he or she commit an irrational act such as suicide or murder is more likely going to help society.

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