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Cassidy by Lori Wick

November 9, 2007
By Anonymous


By: Lori Wick

Christian Romance

Set in 1880, in Token Creek, Montana Territory, Cassidy tells the story of a young woman who owns her own business. Cassidy moves to Token Creek for an unknown reason. She is very involved in the town. Cassidy seems to have everything going for her: her business is good, her friends are great, and the town people respect her. Cassidy's life is going very smoothly until things start to change.

Lori Wick uses vivid description to reveal themes of love and kindness in Cassidy. It makes the reader feel as if they are right there in the story. Right there through out all the changes. Author Lori Wick uses description and realistic words to place the reader in the story. She gives great detail, but always leaves the reader hanging. Never does she reveal what is still to come. Lori Wick keeps the reader hooked to the book with description like the following: “Cassidy didn't move at all. Her heart was still acting up inside her chest, and at the moment she couldn't feel her feet on the floor.”

Cassidy is similar to other Christian romance books. Author Karen Kingsbury has a style much like Lori Wicks. If you compare Cassidy to A Thousand Tomorrows, a book by Karen Kingsbury, you would see many of the same themes and thoughts. Both authors use great detail to describe the characters in their novels. Since Cassidy takes place in 1880, the characters handle love in a different way than the modern characters in A Thousand Tomorrows do. Cassidy is a well written novel. It quickly grabs the reader's attention and doesn't let it go. The reader is in for a ride as Cassidy takes you through all its twists and turns.

Cassidy is enjoyed by teen girls and young women alike. Anyone who has ever read a Lori Wick book before will enjoy Cassidy. I believe Cassidy will be enjoyed by people who like many other kinds of books. People who enjoy romance books would especially enjoy this novel. Cassidy is a book that will be read more than once.

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