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Awakening by Lauren Ashley

March 3, 2014
By CrazyWriter GOLD, Lorton Station, Virginia
CrazyWriter GOLD, Lorton Station, Virginia
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"Once you have given up on the most important thing in your life, you begin to die, because then, you gradually lose your true self"~Hana Kimi
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Emma never knew her father and her mother died when she was young. All Emma had really loved and enjoyed was her and her aunt’s small book shop. Emma had tried love, with her mother who died, then with Jordan who broke her heart. She just wants to live quietly with her best friend Sarah and her aunt. Then Emma gets attacked by a high school crush and her world turns upside down. Her identity and her family’s mysterious history comes to light.Turns out Emma are part of a old legend and her parents were the key. With help from Emma’s friends and a kind old uncle named Sebastian, Emma begins to awaken her powers to restore the “Old World”. But all knowledge comes at a price and Emma’s price may be too much.
I enjoyed reading “Awakening” and find myself looking forward to its sequels. The Characters were lovable, cute, strong and brave. They were realistic. The character “Griffin” was exceptionally eye-catching—and my favorite character after Sebastian. Ashley masterfully crafted together the plot with crucial events and weaved in small subplots for the side characters. I enjoyed the book because it was what it was.
I must say about half way through the book, I did begin to guess at the ending (and was correct) and that the writing style was clear but a bit simplistic. Thought as a whole it was easy, fantastic comfortable read. Thank Ms. Ashley for crafting whimsical book to start a powerful series. I look forward to its sequels.
I recommend this book for ages 12+ and for fantasy/prophesy lovers. There are a few suggestive lines in the book due to Emma's relationship with Jordan but nothing too mature. I rate this book 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The author's comments:
I received this book from the author in the mail, and am very thankful for it! Thank You Ms. Ashley I truly enjoyed it!

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