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The one and only, Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

March 7, 2012
By LadyJulia SILVER, Petaluma, California
LadyJulia SILVER, Petaluma, California
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The Hunger Games-

A topic almost as popular as Harry Potter and the Twilight Saga. Those names are etched in everyone's brains. Even if you haven't read a single letter of the Twilight books I'm sure you have chosen Team Jacob or Team Edward. I know I have, and the only time I have ever even attempted reading those books were in the Library when my teacher yelled at me for talking and I grabbed the closest book to me. But the Hunger Games are different.

They are so appealing that unlike Twilight, no one dares to call the Hunger Games stupid. You can't. The fashion and romance part of the books appeal to the girls, and the battle to the boys. Of course I am stereotyping, but like my english teacher says, “The best authors stereotype to find their target audience.” Suzanne Collins was pretty daring when she decided to write this book appealing to everyone. Not only did I read it, but my dad actually recommended it to me after he enjoyed it.

I sat in my room on a Saturday and Sunday, madly swiping the Kindle Fire screen trying to get everything in as quickly as I could; Like I only had a day to read it. I finished the book curious for more but also for the next couple days after I finished the book, I would feel excited to go read the Hunger Games, only to have finished it. I don't know about you but these books were not only extremely well written, but they left a great impact on me.

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I LOVED the books and I hope you share the passion I do. Thanks!

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