Shooter | Teen Ink


April 8, 2008
By Anonymous

This book was a thrill ride wanted and kept you reading more and more. I liked it because he told you how everything was and didn’t try to sugarcoat anything. He gave you in sight on the mind set, and attitude of what it takes to be one of America’s very best marine snipers. He tells you story’s from when he first joins the marines and has never fired a gun in his life before all the way till he goes back home. He talks about wars he has gone to fight in, and challenges he faces while in the service. Also in the book CAPT. Casey S. Kulhman gives you in sight to what it’s like to be captain over someone as knowledgeable as GUNNERY SGT. Jack Coughlin. So he tries to help him out in what ever he needs and tries to get his thoughts and view points heard by the people in charge. But during both of there service time jack’s ideas are being shot down and Casey is being put in a tough position. So they have to prove it to everyone by demonstrating to there commanding officers. So read this trill ride of a book to see what happens to them.

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