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Wrecked by E.R. Frank

May 5, 2008
By Anonymous


Athenaeum Books, 2005, 247pp., $15.95
E.R. Frank

ISBN 0-689-87-383-2


Sixteen-year-old Anna was driving her drunk best friend home from a party when
she collided with someone very close to her; now, a beautiful high school senior is dead.

Anna nearly lost an eye and suffers from nightmares and flashbacks and can't get them out of her head. What is the right way to respond to this? Anna's family has desperate reactions to this wreck. Wrecked is told in a teenage way-full of frustration, emotions and desperately asking for direction.

This book is highly recommended for teens or adults. When I was reading this novel, I never wanted to put it down because this could really happen in real life with high school students. It is important for anyone dealing with family problems or a death of a close family member or friend.

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