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The Autobiography Of My Dead Brother By Walter Dean Myers

February 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Let's just picture the best book in the world, it would have action, drama, comedy at times, and every thing else you can imagine. Its like you're an artist trying to paint the best book. Well I have this book and it's called The Autobiography Of My Dead Brother By Walter Dean Myers. This book has a under toe when I say that I mean it just keeps pulling you in back for more. Trust me and try this book you will not be disappointed. An Autobiography of me dead brother, is the perfect book for everyone, is the best book in the world.

Jesse is the main character of this book. Jesse has a best friend, Rise they think they are closer then two bricks on a wall. They were so close that they even cut themselves and made each other blood brothers. As Jesse grows up his life gets harder after one of Jesse's best friends Bobby Green gets shot. Jesse has a huge dream to become a band player and play at the local band called the counts. Read the book and find out if the dream ever happens.

Rise, Jesse's best friend, is older than Jesse. Rise is a troubled boy and it always seems like trouble like trouble is aiming at him. Rise was really close to Jesse but now it seems like Rise, the troubled boy, is drifting away from Jesse. Don't forget these two were closer than friends they were blood brothers. This may be hard to believe but as Rise got older he even started to get in more trouble like he got blamed for the bodega going up in flames and held a store clerk at gunpoint. Rise has been trying to pull Jesse into his crime but Jesse is repelling it. Will he be able to repel it much longer?

I can make a connection with Jesse because I had a best friend. We were so close we would go nowhere with out each other we went everywhere with each other. Then it seemed like, as we got older we started to drift away. He said I was changing but the one that was changing was him. Ounce we stopped hanging out it seemed like life got harder. But after he was doing things that shouldn't be done and I was fine with that. Who knows maybe something like that happens like that in this book.

The theme for this book is friends can change in the blink of an eye. So I guess I'm supposed to explain the theme. Well this kid Jesse, a boy with a dream to become a jazz player for the counts, is one of the main characters. The other character Rise, jesses best friend (blood brother), is like the temperature, changing every day. Well anyways those kids loved each other so much that they made each other blood brothers.

I recommend this book for teens and up. I also recommend this book to people who may have experienced something like this in the past. This book really spoke to me cause its real life its not fantasy. Some more reasons why I recommend this book is because lots of drama, action, a little comedy, and a lot more. If my review interested you then this book is definitely for you.

In conclusion, this is a book that everyone should read. Now that you have basically finished my review you see the reasons why I simply can resist this book. Ounce you have read this book the painting in your head is complete. The picture you just painted was the best book in the world, The Autobiography Of My Dead Brother. Now that my review is over I hope I have lured you into the trap to read the book. I hope you love it as much as I did.

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