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The Falcons Malteser by Anthony Horowitz

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Did you want to know what its like t o solve a mystery. In the Falcons Malteser by Anthony Horowitz you follow a private detective solve a mystery.

When Tim Simple gets kicked off the police force. He changes his name to Tim Diamond and opens Tim Diamond Inc. private detective. He really isn't all that smart his younger brother Nick is the real smart one. But he gets a package that Johnny Naples trusts Tim with But there's one thing its worth over five million dollars. Then the some of the town's people want to find Tim.

The book is about mystery and or fiction. I would recommend this to anyone who likes mystery and private detectives. I thought it's a good book just makes you want to keep reading and is very descriptive. I tried to figure if there was a life lesson I looked for a while I think its just becareful for what you do with mysterious packages and people out to get you.

The Falcons Malteser is a really enjoyable really fun so I just want to keep reading it so I say you go out and read this book

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