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Burned by Ellen Hopkins

February 28, 2008
By Anonymous

This book, written by Ellen Hopkins, is a fantastic summer read, or just any great read. Written in free verse poem, Hopkins describes the life of a teenage girl, struggling with her family relationships.

Pattyn lives with her sensitive mom, wild dad, and indifferent six sisters. While her abusive dad is always getting intoxicated, her mom awaits the new baby's arrival. For her own good, Pattyn is sent to live with her aunt, the one that her family never talks to. While living with her aunt, she makes some new friends, not just with her aunt, but with a college boy named Ethan. Soon, the two teens fall in love, but the passion only lasts a short while, because Pattyn had to leave so she could start school soon. A month has passed since Pattyn last saw Ethan, and now, not only are they waiting for one baby, but two.

Will Pattyn have the courage to stand up to her dad and tell him the truth about her boyfriend? Will Pattyn run away with her boyfriend to get married? If you really want to know these answers, you will have to read the resolution for yourself.

Fall in love with Pattyn as she falls in love with Ethan. Cry with her as she cries out for help against her father. Written in verse, you can't help but to read and read and keep reading until you get to the conclusion. If you're a girl who dreams about falling in love with a handsome guy and getting married, then this book is your dream.

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