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If I Should Die Before I Wake by Nolan Han

May 22, 2008
By Anonymous

Nolan, Han. (2003). If I Should Die Before I Wake
San Diego, California: Harcourt Paperbacks

The Book If I Should Die Before I wake was a great book. It's about a girl and her family During WWII. The Nazis were attempting to clear her city, they had heard there neighbors were vanishing and they were Neo-Nazis. Her brother then went with his next door neighbor to attempt crossing the fence. Then his friend was shot and he returned to there home. On a last attempt to make sure that one of them would make one of there children look German, so they sent her to England. Then they had to live the war out. During this she was knocked in a coma and woke up after the rage of the war.

Character: sixteen-year-old Hilary, Who was a Neo-Nazi, was going through war. During this she was in a coma and had many thoughts about the war during it. She was a very stuck up person too.

Recommendations: I would Recommend this book if you like non-fiction books. Also books about wars and other events of that sort. This book is very interesting and by Page 20 of the book you won't stop reading it. This book is recommended to people 10+.

Rating: I give this book a 9 on a scale 1-10.

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