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By Anonymous

   Black Like Me is a one of a kind novel that captures the reader. This book is a nonfiction journal of the writer's experience. The theme of the book, more than the writing style, is what makes this work so intriguing.

Griffin, who was an established writer from the North, wants to know what it is like to be a black living in the deep South. First he travels to his doctor who gives him a drug that, in addition to ultraviolet treatment, makes his skin change to black.

After this color change, he travels to the South and begins his journal on October 18, 1959. He lives as a black for 10 months until he cannot stand the hatred anymore and makes his journey home. During this time, he documents the horrible treatment of blacks in the South.

Black Like Me will grab your attention so that you will never put it down. It is both educational and interesting. I think everyone should read it because it does not only apply to the oppression of the blacks, but also to any group who has ever felt the hatred of others

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