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A sonnet for running

January 16, 2017
By Elaineshao PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
Elaineshao PLATINUM, Shanghai, Other
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3k in sweltering weather scares me
In icy winters practice feels rotten
Oft I just want to rest under a tree
Let all the sufferings be forgotten

First kilometer, energy’s released
Second, like the water bottle emptied
Third, the urge for respite only increased
The whole body screams like defeated

Sweat and tears trickling down my burning face
Legs of lead, I keep repeating my creed
‘For what is life, if not a lasting race?’
With all my might, forcing myself to speed

Three two one heartbeat counting nervously
When feet finally cross the finish line
Proud hero despite panting heavily
Drowning cheers, but I’m drowned in the sublime

Despite vicissitudes the race is done
Yet there’ll always be more miles to run

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