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Dedication to my ex

October 18, 2012
By Ricoo22 BRONZE, Grundy, Virginia
Ricoo22 BRONZE, Grundy, Virginia
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Hey baby, is it okay that I pore a bit of my heart out?
It's as if walls are closing in, and you can't hear my shout.
You hear my words but can't grasp the very simple concept;
That I'd rather spend later with you than fight like your ex,
Endure the time we don't have so you don't find a next,
Be able to look to our future so you don't need to retrospect.
It scares me that text can't explain what my heart means,
And only our bond can fill the space thats between.
So is it okay that I try even when I don't succeed,
To make you feel loved when you don't feel what you need?
And so is it fair to say in the midst of pain that I love you?
Trying to paint the color of love when I can't find the hue.
But baby is it okay that i be all I can be for you right now
And later be more than you can possibly think of how
So Love, is it okay that I pour my heart out a bit?
I really love you baby and that's all i need to admit.

The author's comments:
I had a feeling she was getting over me when we were still together so I wrote this to try to help her see more clearly how I feel

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