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The Lorax

February 14, 2012
By Prometheus PLATINUM, East Aurora, New York
Prometheus PLATINUM, East Aurora, New York
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A Once-ler lurks in Lerkim near the town,

Where sidewalks end and Grickle-grasses grow.

He knows the Lorax from old days renowned,

Just pay the fee and learn what Once-lers know.

Way back in times when all the grass was green,

The brightly colored trees were here and there

Destroyed by greenish creatures crude and mean,

Who knitted Thneeds and sent them everywhere.

The Lorax tried to speak out for the trees

While every Once-ler laughed and made more Thneeds.

“We need the Thneeds and you do too!” they’d breeze,

And killed off all the creatures, leaving weeds.

The land is barren, silent, deep despair;

But maybe you can mend it—if you care.

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