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The Cage

June 7, 2011
By B-Ragz BRONZE, Oxford, Connecticut
B-Ragz BRONZE, Oxford, Connecticut
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Hate the sin, love the sinner. -mahatma gandhi

Tongue tied, mouth sewn;

You knew the me that was unknown

Opened up and let you in

Never will be whole again

You took so much, what did I give;

In my aching heart you live

Steaming blood and scratching within

You’re the demon under my skin

Tear me open, shine my light;

The fire in me burning bright

Tear me down, reveal the lies

Cold air rush in, last ember die

In your eyes I’m ugly and weak

Hopeless- future looking bleak

Crush my bones, spit on me;

Gauge my eyes so I can’t see

You steered my wheel now I’m in control

Taking back the heart you stole

I’m smashing in my rearview mirror,

The road before me becoming clearer

I can mend my broken wings

Your voice is muted as my bell rings

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