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Ghost in the Glass

June 10, 2010
By Jane_P PLATINUM, San Clemente, California
Jane_P PLATINUM, San Clemente, California
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Favorite Quote:
When asked about race...

"Well, when I went to the bathroom I was Russian, and when I came out I was Finnish."

or, alternatively:

"Irish I could tell you."

The ghost in the glass, I knew it was you
I closed the curtains, to turn you away
But your lovely lost ghost with all ado
Stayed true and taunted me anyway
It hung there all season, gray as the bluffs
Which waves of the sea batter with delight
And lay next to me despite my rebuffs
Laying rest your corpse all the winter night
It is true that I, in the summer’s sigh
Dream of your almond skin and laughter chime
And long to know that I would gladly die
Only to rotate back the wheels of time
Back to the day that I, without endeavor
Freely threw from me my love forever

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