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Walking Alone

June 14, 2014
By Springading SILVER, Macomb, Michigan
Springading SILVER, Macomb, Michigan
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Favorite Quote:
"People say the greatest generation has come and gone, but their wrong... they haven't seen what were capable of" - Dan Campbell

Looks are deceiving
But no eyes but our own are the ones to judge
Mistreatment leaves a glaze over every word rolls off your tongue
The only difference is the courage to fight for what we think is right
Dethrone the king and be the dictators of our own life

Don't let them teach you about life
They don't know the difference from wrong and right
The road you take will be trechorus but don't take the wrong path, find your place and let your heart be home

If a man shouts outs what he believes but he walks on lower ground does anyone hear it?
Were wrong because our song is different from everyone else's
So much to look past
Not even given the chance that everyone has to be heard
Stop staring and listen to our hearts that beat the tune of our new world

The war you write upon us really has nothing to do with someone other than yourselves
Take a look around and you won't find a soul in power ready to help
They teach us to read and write but not to detect the scandals and lies
Our voices never weaken flags are raised and our soldiers ready to fight

The author's comments:
Just your standard angsty punk song I guess.

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