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Hey, Lady Liberty MAG

May 22, 2017
By lianija07 BRONZE, Woodhaven, New York
lianija07 BRONZE, Woodhaven, New York
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Lady Liberty
with the poisonous teeth
and claws on the top of her head.
Lady Liberty,
green with envy because
I speak in a sweeter tongue.

Lady Liberty,
got a book in her hand
with the names of all the crests she killed.
Lady Liberty,
can stand alone without any waves
trying to smash her.
Hey Lady,
looks like Liberty is just a middle name
Lady Liberty,
can’t make us change our names
Lady Liberty,
can’t make us change how we pronounce our l’s
Lady Liberty,
Can’t cut off our tongues
and have us grow in another one
Lady Liberty,
can’t make me avoid the sun
while you bask in its glory.
Lady Liberty,
oh golly you take my breath away!
Call cops but they won’t come!
Oh look
just another body washed up on your shores
thinking you’d protect me

Can’t be a gate when the water is free.
Can’t be a gate because I learned how to swim,
after years and years of drowning

The author's comments:

Is the American Dream even real though?

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