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April 22, 2016
By ImaginationIsImportant SILVER, Mumbai, Other
ImaginationIsImportant SILVER, Mumbai, Other
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Favorite Quote:
I have two favorite quotes:
'Remember it's just a bad day, not a bad life.'
'We were born to be real, not perfect.'

Everyday is the start of a new year

It goes by with a happy and sad tear.

After every hurricane comes a rainbow

We just have to be strong and let go.


Everyday is scary and challenging

We just have to go for it and be daring.

In the world should we bring about a change

From the higher, highest and never ending range.


Everyday some moments are difficult as they seem

We just have to wake up and chase our dreams.

No matter how hard a task may be

We should always the good see


Everyday is a miraculous one

We just need to make it awesome, creative and fun.

Though some things would let us down,

On our faces, should never be a frown.


Everyday needs to be positive

We just have to love, accept and give.

Though some of our promises may be blown,

We should remember that we're never alone.


Everyday needs to be unique

We should unsolved answers seek.

Though some may have greed and some in need,

We should always help the needy feed.


Everyday do a new seed we reap

Our darkfest feelings should we never hide deep.

Our lives are like a roller-coaster ride

From hardships and challenges should we never hide.


Everyday is like once in a life time

Never again would we get the wasted time.

Always be faithful in little things

No matter what temptations the evil mind brings.


Everyday is a new sign

We should always continue being different and fine.

Should we never take for granted a task at hand,

For we never know tomorrow, where we'd land.

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