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A Trip Down the Memory Lane

April 1, 2016
By wolfinblack GOLD, Kolkata, West Virginia
wolfinblack GOLD, Kolkata, West Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
Adults are just children with broken hearts.

Nice to see you too, but have we met before?
Is that so? I’m
afraid I don’t recall,
it must have been very long ago…
But I’ve learnt
to forget the past now, so
you really must forgive me!
Oh no, no,
it doesn’t matter anymore, you see.
Christmas, you say?
...could be, but 12 years ago, who knows?
I may
or may not have been that girl you met.
The heart you broke,
it must’ve let
go of all that happened, and all that did not…
But it matters little.
What did you say your name was? Scott…
Familiar, yes, but, oh
very, very vaguely.
It stirs up long-forgotten feelings though…
Ha-ha, you’ve got a great
sense of humour.
But no, it’s not love, nor is it hate.
It is merely a memory, a remembrance
a silly romantic girl’s first dance…
there is nostalgia, Scott.
But not very much, nor very less;
and there’s a quiet
sense of wisdom-
the kind that brings light
for the first time to a child grown
and sheltered from the world where
seeds of betrayal, heartbreak, revenge are sown…
But now
the poet in me is rambling away- you
could’ve told me to stop! But how
are you?
You must come by for dinner someday.
My husband will be delighted to
have someone to talk politics with!
Yes, I am.
You didn’t expect me to wait for you all these years, did you? With
a thousand miles between you and me
you can hardly think so.
I loved him, you see.
Oh, I am getting late! I must go- but maybe- we’ll meet another day…

The author's comments:

i was inspired by a short story that depicted only one side of the conversation, leaving the rest to the reader's imagination.

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