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The Lights Of the World

November 18, 2015
By 5MatthewJM BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
5MatthewJM BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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The lights that light up the world
I noticed them immediately
If the deer hadn’t told me
A buck
His coat is brown and magnificent
His hoofs the size of three men
Conceited but takes pity
And I went out into the night with the feeling of myself on fire
My head so big
To share the animals senses
The sky so beautiful on a night of mystery
Awake in the pasture
The Buck stands away
There in the tree line
No longer there
A storm that changes the world
For better or worse
The buck remembers nothing
The storm is over
We search for others
We see a glimpse of a buck
We toss our heads
And say goodnight
And walk home
To at least what we thing is home

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