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i and I am me.

November 12, 2015
By theskylarksings GOLD, Columbia, Kentucky
theskylarksings GOLD, Columbia, Kentucky
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I am I
I am grubby, callused fingers on tanned hands
I am the descent of fiery meteor
flushing heat and tall spires

i am i
i am despairing ivory statues on tall pedestals
i am the bated breath
rustling leaves and sweetness pebble-smooth

I am curtained in black like the night
i am wrapped in lace like a shroud

I am the bitter scowls glued
to the dust-stained ground
i am the anxious glances past
velvet curtains and too-thin glass

I am the aching stomach
waking in the night to scream
i am the hidden bruises
throbbing another fearful rhythm

I am the angry hissing
of a kettle boiling over
i am the clusters of shattered goblets
wine spilled like blood

I am the rushing waters tidal wave tsunami
i am the sobbing of a child

I am the quick thrust of the knife
i am the slow death of tyrants as
all good intentions burn away

I am the victory in banners and trumpets
i am the pain trapped in a silver locket

I am i
the cinnamon strong
the frail heartbeat
the sweet to protect the bitter

i am I
storm-green and fearless
eyes flying open
the bitter to protect the sweet

I am
i am

The author's comments:

It used to annoy me that we capitalize the word "I." Are we really that important? It started me thinking about how we put up facades when we lack confidence in ourselves, only allowing others to see pieces of ourselves. 

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