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February 23, 2015
By DeGaurdianAngels GOLD, Bellwood, Illinois
DeGaurdianAngels GOLD, Bellwood, Illinois
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So many things that I eant to say, but just couldn't find the words... So here I am! with a oen in my hand trying to write what I feel. So let me start out by saying...

I like the way you laugh at me laughing. I like that you never seem to understand anything I say but understand that that's apart of being me. I like the fact that you are open-minded, and never seem to stop aruging with me. I hate the fact that in the end the goodbye was more sweeter to come. That the unshead tears had some sweet dreams and kisses of the clouds lingering in the air. That the goodbye had to come and when it did that all the memories with you disappered. Yet the butterflies contiue to fly around in my stomach.  Wanting to be free from the bounds, and chakels that are holding them captive. Yet, everytime I seee you; they becide to fly. Oh, how have the butterflies fooled me again. Everytime you decide to come around how they miagrate to you... the smile that never leaves my face decide to spread its wings wide. And as the time pass, my butterflies seem to do the one thing it was destined to do....FLY AWAY!

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