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Black and White, Dark and Light

December 21, 2014
By Maddiecakes BRONZE, Chapman, Kansas
Maddiecakes BRONZE, Chapman, Kansas
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Favorite Quote:
“Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.” -Virginia Woolf

I felt like I was drunk.
Colors swarmed my vision
like a beautiful sunset
that took place inside my mind,

Lime green created swirls.
Magenta, beautiful waves
like the ocean when it
talked to the wind like an old friend.
Navy blue ripples flooded
created spirals
inside my eyes.

Was I dead?

The question was the only
thought I could formulate.
My mind couldn’t
create any words other than:
was my life over?

The colors soon disappeared
and I could see nothing but black.
The nothingness was dull
compared to the beautiful
rainbow of color I saw

And black
was all I could see
for miles and miles
spanning across the landscape
like a dark blanket
coveting my mind

Was I dead?

I could find no answer
for as quickly
as it came
the darkness left me
and I felt empty
for reasons I couldn’t explain.
It was as if
the darkness lived inside me
like it lived inside everyone
and I hadn’t chosen
to recognize it
until now.

And that was the way
evil worked
for everyone was filled with
evil and temptation
and some chose to feed it
like a starving wolf

And with the darkness
but without
the light to balance it
I felt

But with both,
I felt complete
and at peace
and that was all I could ask for.
Peace in heaven.
Was I dead?

I could find no sign
of life
nor death
inside of myself.

The landscape
to a beautiful sky
and heavenly clouds.

I began to
sprout wings

And I flew
to new heights
and new places
meeting people
and creatures
but inside them
all I could see was

And I guess maybe
we all have
that makes us both
nor alive

And we all have colors
swirling inside us
with great majesty

And we all have light
that fills us with purity
and goodness
and beauty

It’s those who chose
to be good
and not show the darkness
that will be truly beautiful.

The author's comments:

This piece was kind of on a whim. It has no rhythm, obviously making it a free verse. It could be made in a Christian sense or it could not, that is up to the reader. Enjoy

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