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Tell me that I'm wrong

November 14, 2014
By KennaWenna GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
KennaWenna GOLD, Topeka, Kansas
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"If your eye's could speak what would they say?" -The Book Thief

I really don't want to see him today.

I really don't want you to make eye contact with me...

Please, don't take side glances at me, please don't stop in the middle of the halls just so you can let me pass.

Please, just please forget about me....


I really hate when my friends tell me your near.

I really hate it when they smile and laugh.

I hate it that your too shy.

I mean, please just speak to me!


I hate when I see you talking with them.

I hate how you talk with them..

Them as in the pot heads!


I really wish I did not see it,

I really wish it would go all away.

The thought of you doing it,

It tells me that I'm wrong about you.


I really don't want to be wrong......


The thought of you doing it,

Makes you one of them.

Which makes me the one,

To dislike them,

As in you.


Just please, please tell me that I'm wrong,



I really want to see you everyday,

I love the eye contact.

Please keep on taking glances back at me, 

Please keep waiting for me to pass.

Please do not forget about me....

The author's comments:

Saw my crush talking with the Pot heads, in school

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