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August 27, 2014
By Tallerthantrees SILVER, OAKVILLE, Connecticut
Tallerthantrees SILVER, OAKVILLE, Connecticut
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We are life


We are lilies, sunflowers and daffodils bathing in the morning light

We are grounded

We are strong

We are naked truth

We are depth

We are green; new

But we are doomed by the palms of greed and envy

who pluck our petals from our core

and pull our flesh from the earth

uprooting us from all things familair if only to admire us for a moment

before tossing us onto a shelf of infinitely forgotten things


And now we are broken

And we are carried easily with the wind

We are stripped of innocence and understanding

We are dull an shallow

We are the aftermath of a storm

We are pain, fear, and grief drowning in seas of regret

We are not mourned for but we are mourning


We are death.


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