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Reasons Why

February 27, 2014
By J.Dillinger PLATINUM, South Plainfield, New Jersey
J.Dillinger PLATINUM, South Plainfield, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"Whatever you are feeling right now, there is a mathematical certainty someone is feeling the exact same way. This isn't to say you aren't special. This is to say thank God you aren't special."
- Neil Hilborn

When youre feeling down
Like a plane on the Hudson
Like Mitt Romney’s approval ratings
Like dive bombing off of a bridge,
Remember six things:

1) Fireworks exist.
When we are at our most silent
is when we are about to be our
One day, we will all launch to the stars
and explode through the night. We will
Spread amongst the galaxy and burst
Into eternity.
We are infinite.

2) Tomorrow will exist.
In children’s eyes we see it. Tomorrow,
The unspoken promise tattooed
On our souls in the ink of our triumphs.
When my cousin was three years old,
He said he was taller than me.
When I laughed, he said,
“Maybe not now, but tomorrow.”
Tomorrow is our check in the mail,
Tomorrow is our savior.
He is not dressed in robes, or
Screaming scriptures from his cross,
But believe me when I say,
Tomorrow will deliver us from evil.

3) Yesterday existed, but not anymore.
When we dwell on the past, its like
We keep our pain on life support
Draining today,
Draining our world.
We allow ghosts to survive
On things we shouldnt carry.
Our backs are only composed of flesh and bone
And the pain of yesterday is too heavy of a load.

4) Today will become the past.
We experience it for twenty four hours and its gone.
Whenever youre broken, remember
Scabs will come.
Remember sleep will come.
Remember wounds will heal over.
Just give them time.

5) Love happens.
Love happened.
Love will happen.
If you want,
You can
Meet a girl,
Fall for her eyes,
Drive through a chapel
And spend the rest of your life with her.
Her, the writer of letters,
Her, the dancer of midnights,
Her, the painter of bridgesides.
In a moment you may be lost
Slopping red in your bathroom sink
And seconds later,
Be meeting the pitcher
That solves the dilemma
Of the glass half full.
Love happens.

6) You exist.
Your pain is yours and your pain
Is the name tag on your soul,
You’d still be you without it, but
Nothing more than a nameless face.
When I think of the hurt,
The growing pains,
The writing pains,
The living pains and
The window panes
Create a view
Of existence unique
Only to you.
When you look out and see things,
The child growing tall,
The sun rising anew,
The pyrotechnic display of the stars
And the bridge in the distance
It’s yours, yours to have and to keep

Because you exist,
You are infinite.

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