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Fate Plays for Fun

October 24, 2013
By DesolateDoorknob PLATINUM, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
DesolateDoorknob PLATINUM, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania
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Do not let the things you cannot do interfere with the things that you can do

No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.

Standing alone; motionless, clueless, and fearless
Only to think of a love truly unwanted to miss.
With this chance, never more to need for happiness,
Say goodbye to a moment like this, destroys a more than perfect bliss.
Time which stops for no divine, will soon pass this devotedness.
True words have been spoken, only now time, to seal them with a kiss.

Today, love strikes hard like a speeding tipped arrow
While happiness follows, there’s nothing left but to grow.
Beautiful voices only pose the wind and continue to flow,
Always feelings of such a zero now pushed out of constant sorrow.
Captivated by the thought of love; in place of deep, dark clouds, and a picturesque colored rainbow.
The feelings now have truly been felt without assistance, from a single master maestro.

Never listening to others quickly loving just to run
Seeing not a single soul who could compare, what we have here is so outdone.
Seeming perfect only knowing nothing to be, nothing before seen flawless, not on land nor ocean.
Fate, knowing all end to all existence, seemed to start this to end it just for fun.
Pushed back like many others, simply with an emotional shot in a sharpshooter’s fully cocked, red hot gun.
Backend down to the starting line, love lost and happiness gone, only to think, life had merely just begun.

The author's comments:
Well.. I have nothing to really say about this one except it's not my favorite. Enjoy anyway my friends.

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