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October 10, 2013
By mahliahing GOLD, Polk City, Iowa
mahliahing GOLD, Polk City, Iowa
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The salty, ocean air mixed in with my curls of sun-kissed hair.
The breeze wafting in off of the ocean was comforting and light.
The horizon set off in the distance over the water, changing into night.
The cold water washed over my ankles as I walked along the sand.
The empty feeling, echoed like a chasm, because we were no longer holding hands.

I left footprints in the shore behind me,
as I walked along the sand wondering where you’d be.

The rushing sounds of the ocean, and the crashing of waves drowned out my thoughts.
My vision started to become blurry with spots.

As I fainted into the coastline of waves and my own tears mixed in with the salt-water, I realized my mistakes with you.

Then I also realized you weren’t coming to save me.
Were you?

The author's comments:
This was inspired because I love the ocean and the scene it paints is beautifully described in words.

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