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I Want to Write a Poem

August 30, 2009
By Requiem SILVER, McCall, Idaho
Requiem SILVER, McCall, Idaho
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I want to write a poem,
That will tell the world how I feel,
I want to touch the world with a poem,
A simple string of simple words put together into complex thoughts,
I want to make people realize that I fight for my rights,
And for my beliefs,
That as I stare at the faces in the crowd,
They blend, each becoming the other,
Their deadly chorus sounds and pushes me off the stage,
Saying, "We don't want the truth"
Screw you for trying,
Now, I want to write a poem with a metaphor all the way through,
One about me and a stage,
Getting pushed down and pushed into tears,
Well, I'm hiding a monster beneath my bed,
I'm no longer scared,
But I pretend that it's not there,
I pretend that I am happy,
Let me rewind,
If I am to write a metaphorical poem with beautiful similes,
Kissing the metaphors,
Making the harmonious sound of figurative language,
I must start by laying out the truth,
The things hidden in my heart,
I want to write a poem to say,
Girl, I am sorry,
You were the first girl I ever loved,
I believed in us,
I did,
I let go of you, but still don't know why,
We never sealed our love with a kiss,
But I want what could have been,
I miss you,
I want to have our old life back,
But you've moved on,
And I've pretended to as well,
I miss you,
You are still the everything inside my heart,
I want to write a poem,
A poem about being a man,
About growing up and becoming real,
I'm forgetting everything I used to be,
And I'm still in love,
With you...

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