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September 28, 2013
By bellariptor PLATINUM, Lexington, Massachusetts
bellariptor PLATINUM, Lexington, Massachusetts
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Until it rains
I will be right here
standing, clinging
I guess a drought can last as long
as there’s someone to count the days
I’ve been here awhile
I can’t seem to leave
no matter how much I want to get away
the skies promise they’ll return
as soon as I give them my last drops
but I’ve used all my tears already
so I’m just waiting under a rising sun
as the setting green grows around me
I look upward
separate from the scape and shape
I’m not ready to grow away
to fall up into the shining sun
I need something but every cloud just
brings hot wind and sand
it whips my eyes and my skin
my body offers crimson liquid
the dry ground swallows hungrily
but the sky remains steeled
against the hope of change
each day is my last
because it brings another day
my existence is over
it’s about the end that’s never coming
the rain that I need but never received
too bad I didn’t see the stream below my feet

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