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Impact or Destiny

July 7, 2013
By DeGaurdianAngels GOLD, Bellwood, Illinois
DeGaurdianAngels GOLD, Bellwood, Illinois
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Minds thinking! Heart Racing! Step taking! Your bracing yourself for impact. Thinking about if its a chance that you'll survive the crash. Your heart picks up the pace! Your thinking of all the possible outcomes to the crash. Your hands are sweating and your losing your grip on the last thing you have that could keep you strong and whole. You start thinking about all the things that you didn't get to do yet. You start thinking about the thing that you wish you shouldn't have done. You go down the list making it as short as possible but you realize that it's longer than you thought. You then start thinking about the people you would miss and how much you think they would miss you. You final understand that as time pass on that they do forget. They forget the time y'all share,your voice, your smile, the way you dress,your personality, but the thing that they will forget the most is your heart! And how much you and the ones around you carved it into the shape of who you were. Your back from your train of thought. Seeking for the crash to be over fast than ever. You've given upon the slightest hope that could say you from yourself. Not an car crash,elevator crash,motorcycle crash, but a crash that inside that is hold you back from you destiny. Your holding on to the past wishing that it could be the same with all but an blink but it can't. Is it better to forget than to crave wishing for something that will NEVER return. Your hand is sweating because it time to let go and not try to hold on to something that was never meant to be grasped. Mind thinking! Heart racing! Step taking! Your bracing yourself for impact but both of us know that that impact is what lead you to holding on. Sometimes it's just better to let go because if you don't than that impact that you thought had already happen is going to hit you harder than the first time. The impact shouldn't be your worst fear. Your worst fear should be what your holding on to because you have the power of making whatever your holding on to be brought down right along with you. The steps your taking shouldn't be going in the opposite direction of forward. And if you think that the impact wont get to you any time soon than good luck trying to run from it. The more you run the faster the impact WILL happen. So bracing for your impact is not something you can run from or dodge from. The only way to stop your impact from happening is to let go of whatever your holding. Only you alone can release what your holding. So letting your mind think. Your heart to race The small steps your taking is not going to help you save yourself. So stop holding back from your destiny! Because your destiny could be taking away cause of your crash that came from inside.

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