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The Enterprise of Love

February 6, 2013
By SteelersJdog GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
SteelersJdog GOLD, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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For some, their heart lies in wealth or fame
For others, they chase a winnowing dream
But forever my pursuit will be the same
Never will my heart rest in its chase

My goal is not to satisfy my greed
I don’t desire self-gratification
In this endeavor, my heart takes lead
The enterprise of love has overcome

My heart so dreadfully yearns for she
The gorgeous angel who’s fallen from heaven
How blessed is a mortal man like me
To witness her ravishing magnificence

Her hair falls innocently around her throat
Its glimmering radiance kidnaps me
My legs can hardly keep me afloat
My heart runs laps inside my chest

Her eyes capture me with love
Their shimmering sparkle entices me
Like the splendor of a peaceful dove
I can only stand in dumbstruck awe

Her precious smile melts me away
The loveliest display I will ever see
In the end, I have nothing left to say
But marvel at her sparkling gracefulness

Her voice, so soft, so sweet
It shakes my world everyday
It’s such an astonishing treat
To be amidst her is paradise

Her heart is giving, gentle, and kind
Words can’t explain her glorious splendor
Her joy never escapes my mind
I cherish every moment of her existence

Many chase cars, fashion, and money
But I don’t need those to entertain me
My heart has already found its honey
I love her, and I always will

The author's comments:
I wrote this for a special girl that I think is the most beautiful person on the planet!

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