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These Broken Bridges should have stayed abandoned

February 10, 2013
By PandaBearLouise16 BRONZE, Lyndonville, Vermont
PandaBearLouise16 BRONZE, Lyndonville, Vermont
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I love lamp.....
IM KICKIN MY @$$ DOYA MIND???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I walk alone in the woods……..
I see an abandoned old bridge…..
I love bridges….

I then walk across this broken and abandoned bridge….. It seems to be fine….
I didn’t fall off of it…..Even though it was broken…
I walk some more and I find another one, I walk across it as well……..
Still, this one is fine as well….I didn’t fall off of it… It didn’t break any more than it was….
This was my last bridge that I shall cross....
For now I am dead, and I regret ever even waking up from my bed, to wonder around in my nearby forest of mine, and to have cross all these broken bridges that SHOULD have stayed abandoned FOREVER!......

The author's comments:
I was kind of depressed and then i came up with this, hope everyone likes it.......sorry if theres any mistakes...

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