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December 24, 2012
By EatWriteSleep PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
EatWriteSleep PLATINUM, Orlando, Florida
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We are all in the gutter but some of us are looking at the stars- Oscar Wilde

If a picture’s worth a thousand words
Then what does mine say?
That sad smile on my face
Graces that everything is anything but okay
Those somber eyes look right through you
And cut right deep down into your soul

The silence as I stare at that photo
Could be cut with a knife
But the silence is filled with words
That you just can’t hear
I don’t talk, because nothing needs to be said
Everything’s more understood
When all the loud noise is dead

If only one picture is worth a thousand words
Than I would be overloaded with words, because I have a ton
I cry in realization
That I look sad in every single one

I grieve
Because I’ve been dead all along
If I don’t have a soul
Than I should have been buried a long time ago
But I realize that I’m already fifteen feet under
But just haven’t noticed it until now
I crowd myself in emotions
That I can’t drown out

I can’t hear a thing as I’m lowered into the ground
Except for this one measly shout
She said, “Don’t look down”.

This new picture is worth more than a thousand words
But you don’t see sadness when I’m being buried underground
All you can see is peacefulness, because I’m finally safe and sound.

The author's comments:
A picture is worth a thousand words.........if not more.

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