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The Huntress

September 30, 2012
By teacupsandpoems GOLD, Valley Stream, New York
teacupsandpoems GOLD, Valley Stream, New York
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The night as dark as the shadows
With only the moon as a guide
She leaves the burrows of mankind
Never any time to bide

Quick and silent
She moves on air
From tree to tree
And from snare to snare

She stiffens as she senses
Something in her midst
A faint rustle
A weak smell the wind kissed

The huntress trained and lethal
Awaits her prey
Eyes wary and fierce
A price nature will have to pay

Out of the trees comes her target
A tacit foe
Malignant and thirsty
Thirsty for the battle that would undergo

Both worthy opponents
Brute force against cunning and skill
Wolf against human
Creatures of nature to kill

The huntress meets the eyes of the wolf
And he does the same
Both fiercely determined
And aware of the game

The huntress draws her blades
And the wolf his claws
They bare their teeth
A coolness that would never thaw

Swinging and kicking
Graceful and fast
Beauty and strength
The huntress attacks

Swiping and clawing
Stout and fast
Merciless and wild
The wolf attacks

To and fro
They’d fight to the end
Till blood is shed
And wounds that would not mend

Both the wolf and huntress
Are battered but driven
The battle continues long and steady
Every move unforgiven

As they grow tired and weak
The huntress’ eyes go aflame
A newfound energy blankets her
No longer is she tame

She lunges for the wolf
Like an animal of power and grace
Swiping at it for one last time
Hitting it in the right place

The wolf falls down
Surrender evident
The huntress beams
Her energy was well spent

She leans and looks into his eyes
Nature’s will unspoken
To someday meet once more
A silent promise unbroken

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