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I have a dream (we are one)

June 20, 2012
By The_Jew GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
The_Jew GOLD, West Des Moines, Iowa
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I have a dream that one day; the government will rise up against corruption
Change their views and stop this endless self-destruction
And that they could see every living being with the ability to breath,
The ability to live, as rightful advocates to live on this earth
Be it man, woman, child, animal, or even other species.
For what put us on this earth whatever it may be, was its’ greatest of all mercies
Each and every single creature that lives have fought to survive
It’s time to put a halt to this constant battle which we will never win
Wash clean from us the blood of sin
And take in one another as their own kin
Then we can begin to shape a habitable world to live in

I have a dream that one day children will be able to walk freely without judgment of their color, language, or other features.
We are all the same in the end; we are all just living creatures.
So this hate and discrimination happening in each and every nation,
needs to stop. What do we solve with hate?
Hate is just one way to set a date to our end
This world is full of idealists, yes
But we must put aside our ideals for a common goal
To kindle this flame of unity in every soul
To create a utopia free from the impending death toll
I have a dream that one day each and every person could let go of their differences with each other and carry on one another as sister and brother.
Throw down your sword, your gun, your axe
Because these are the facts
We are not different in any way from someone else
We may look different but we are the same people
We share the same wants in the end
Render now the thought of a world without mutilation
It is possible; we need to rise together in assimilation
With this could be the creation of a new world
Instead of bombs we would have recession
For we wouldn’t need to spend on weapons and more mindless aggression
Together we rise,
Alone is our demise

The author's comments:
what really inspired me to write this was; MLK Jr.'s speech for after reading it over again (and not for class) and how the world seems so screwed up. In result this came out of it, enjoy.

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