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Disney Lied To Me...

May 24, 2012
By Loserrr122 GOLD, Belgrade, Montana
Loserrr122 GOLD, Belgrade, Montana
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I reject your reality and substitute my own!

Disney has lied to me.
I'm seventeen and still not a queen.
My prince charming...
He's dead

A fight last night
Knocked out his dim lights

My pets can't talk
and instead of coming when I sing
They sit

The mice are useless
They scare my mom

I'm clueless
Disney has lied to me
showed me no happy ending...

No evil witch
or lion

No already known musical...


My dress doesn't fit
So I'm throwing a fit

Now where did I leave those power clamps?

The white horse broke his leg
The glass slipper is cracked

I have no fin
My hair is too short

Disney why'd you lie to me?

The author's comments:
Whilst on a rampage about spring this came into my mind so I figured i would share it.

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