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A Witch's Dance

April 12, 2012
By Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
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Sometime after midnight on Midsummer’s Eve,
A witch dances around her cauldron

Twigs break under her feet
Leaves blown by an unseen breeze
Animals run to take shelter
Scared by the frenzied dance around the cauldron

The clouds part, sending
A single ray of moonlight down
Into the grassy woodland glade
Where a witch dances around her cauldron

A thick green liquid is brought to a boil
Handfuls of herbs, picked by moonlight,
Are added, along with
Eye of newt, tooth of dragon, shell of roc
To the beat of the
Mysterious dance around the cauldron

Black robes spun by hidden winds
Long hair masking the face
Hands rend the air, as a spell emerges from the unseen mouth

In a woodland glade, illuminated by
The full moon, there
A witch dances around the cauldron

The author's comments:
This was one of my earliest written pieces, and I wrote this when I completely believed in witches and magic.

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