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April 12, 2012
By Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
Purplei96 PLATINUM, Oxford, Georgia
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Nihil Sine Nefas

The gates to the castle are
Thorned and tangled, with
Swords ready to stab
Thieves enticed by the ephemeral scent
Warning that the jewel inside
Is not easily sought
Velvet curtains, dyed red
Dance in the breeze, revealing
Glimpses of the treasure are
Its last defense
At the very center lies
A heart, so yellow that it
Looks like it's made of
Gold. Protected by layers
Of red, and a battalion of
Swords. So hidden, there's
Only a memory of a center
As bright as the sun.

The author's comments:
This started out as a brainstorm of ways to describe a rose. My friend thought I was talking about a heart; another thought it was about a person. I was intrigued by their interpretations (so vastly different from mine) that I tried to be as vague as possible in the poem, leaving it to the reader to decide.

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