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Did You

April 12, 2012
By Alys-GR1014 SILVER, Sandy, Utah
Alys-GR1014 SILVER, Sandy, Utah
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Tell me...
Did you think you could catch me
Did you think you could own me
Did you think you could control me
Did you think you could lie to me
And pretend none of this ever happened
Can you take it back
Did you wish you never lied
Did you wish you could get away with it
Did you wish I never found out
What made you do it in the first place
Was it all a game to you
Is this whole story a dream...
Will I wake up one day...
And realize what you are
Did you like the voodoo i put on you
I sweat vengeance like a faucet
Are my unheard objections invalid to you
So much unspoken...
Will it ever be heard by you?

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